Difficulty: Advanced

Hero Experience Gained: Min: 399 Max: 815 (Roughly)
Prestige Gain: 30 average.

Trophies: Guaranteed: Coins: 650-1000
Gems (Ruby x30, Pearl x200, Spar x60, Diamond x30, Silver Debris x200, Bead x400, Gold x30 or Crystal x30)

Depends on Cave: Resource: 12000-20000
High Intelligent Hero (Intermediate, Senior)
Equipment: Common (All levels)
Item(rare): Some samples of what you can get: Attack Booster x5, Defense Booster x5, Magic Stone x1, Random Chest, Equipment Chest, Double Experience x1, Pestle x2, Moonstone x1, Intermediate Speedup Token x1, Senior Speedup Tokens x2.

Enemy Troops: Min: 420 Max:845 of each type (roughly)
Contains combinations of 2 of four different types of troops.

Warrior: Attack 105, Def 100, Life 1100, Range 0 Mercenaries: Attack 100, Defense 90, Life 1500, Range 0 Swordsman: Attack 115, Defense 105, Life 1100, Range 0 Longbowman: Attack 130, Defense 80, Life 900, Range 12 Strategy: Caves should be fairly easy to find. They will appear every four hours throughout the day. You should have a lvl 20 senior hero or at least a lvl 25 Intermediate that is fully equipped in order to tackle the caves with the numbers I suggest. If not, you will need to send a few more troops than my examples state. Never attempt these with any level 1 hero unless you send TWICE what the example suggest.

Warrior / Mercenaries, Mercenaries/ Swordman, Swordsman/Warrior Caves: Once again same as the forest troops only you’ll need to send archers and arts along with the 5 man rainbow. I suggest 2.5 archers and arts times the number of the highest set of enemy troops. If you have a lvl 25 Senior hero with lvl 25 Equipment, you can get away with 2 times archers and arts instead of 2.5x

Melee Cave Example #1 523 Mercenaries / 423 Warriors You send: 1300 archers / 1300 artillery plus 5 man rainbow. (1 worker, 1 pikeman, 1 calvary, 1 cataphract, 1 paladin)
OR 1800 archers / 800 artillery plus 5 man rainbow.

Melee Cave Example #2 747 Warriors / 727 Swordsmen You send: 1800 archers / 1800 artillery plus 5 man rainbow.
OR 2400 archers / 1200 artillery plus 5 man rainbow.

Longbowman Caves are much harder because the longbowmen are ranged and have high attack. You will need to send 4 archers and artillery for every 1 longbowman. Also a nicely leveled Senior or Famous hero really helps too.

Longbowman Cave Example #1 416 Longbowmen / 585 Mercenaries You send 1700 archers / 1700 artillery plus 5 man rainbow
OR 2500 archers / 1200 artillery plus 5 man rainbow

Longbowman Cave Example #2 716 Longbowmen / 585 Swordsman You send 2800 archers / 2800 artillery plus 5 man rainbow
OR 3200 archers / 2200 artillery plus 5 man rainbow