Cities have Buildings.

The first city you build is the hub of your kingdom. For the feint of heart, it may be their only city. It is the only city that will have the Coleseum, Subvolcanic Furnace, Workshop, Embassy, Marketplace and the Expansion Bureau. The placement of this city is random. City sites 2-16 are chosen by you. You shouldn't cluster your cities together but don't put them too far apart so that it takes hours to supply or reinforce. You will want to place you new cities next to farms, which are cities belonging to kingdoms that have become inactive. They are a great source of resources you can tap so that your city can concentrate on food production to support large numbers of troops.

In the case that your first city is not near a farm, you will need to produce more of you own iron, lumber and stone. A good ratio is 8 Food, 3 lumber, 3 iron and 2 stone. If you are lucky enough to be near a good farm, you can do 12, 2,1,1. Putting your new cities next to farms will allow you to do 13,1,1,1. You should always concentrate on food production first. If your farms are good, you can bust down the other productions and turn them into food so you have 16,0,0,0. Each L20 food will produce 9600 per hour plus a bonus of 60% from L20 Agriculture equals 15360 times 16 is a total of 245760 food per hour. That will support 61,440 archers without external supply. With a good farm set and your own resupply, you can do 100,000.

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