Farms are buildings that produce food, a resource needed for upgrading buildings, recruiting troops, and feeding troops.

Upgrade Chart Edit

Building Level Buildings Population Food Lumber Stone Iron Coin Effect
1None1133525250Produces 56 food
2None2387550620Produces 64 food
3None25010062750Produces 80 food
4None363125751000Produces 144 food
5Warehouse 2 Academy 34751501001250Produces 192 food
6None51002001251753Produces 240 food
7None71252502002255Produces 324 food
8None920037530035010Produces 408 food
9None1230062545050015Produces 600 food
10Warehouse 5 Academy 8155001,0007501,00025Produces 804 food
11None208751,7501,2501,50050Produces 1000 food
12None281,5003,0002,0002,500100Produces 1200 food
13None383,0006,0004,0005,000150Produces 1336 food
14None506,00012,0008,00010,000175Produces 1600 food
15None7512,00025,00016,00020,000275Produces 2136 food
16Warehouse 10 Academy 1210025,00050,00032,00045,000375Produces 3200 food
17None12560,000125,00087,500100,000625Produces 4264 food
18None150150,000250,000200,000250,0001,000Produces 5336 food
19None225375,000750,000500,000625,0001,500Produces 8000 food
20None3001,000,0002,000,0001,500,0001,750,0002,250Produces 10666 food

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