Difficulty: Beginner Prestige Gain: 0-5


Trophies: Guaranteed: Coins: 70-160
Gems (Sapphire x20, Pearl x20, Bead x40, Silver Debris x20, or Garnet x20)

Depends on Hill: Resource:1800-3000
High Intelligent Hero (Junior, Intermediate)
Equipment: Common (All levels)

Enemy Troops: Min: 15 Max: 39 of each type (roughly)
Contains combinations of 2 of four different types of troops.

Savage: Attack 5, Defense 10, Life 50, Range 0 Hunter: Attack 5, Defense 20, Life 400, Range 0 Boyar: Attack 100, Def 110, Life 500, Range 0 Crossbowman: Attack 100, Def 90, Life 450, Range 12

Strategy: Hills will be your best bet in making lots of coins quickly. Again, its not recommended to use a hero against hills. The hero will most likely run out of energy before he /she gains a level to replenish its energy again.

Savage/Hunter Hills. These are very easy like the savage/hunter swamps. Send 16 troops and you will get zero losses. Level your march point to at least 10 and attack as many of these as you can at a time. Sending 16 fast paladins or cataphracts will make sure you get to them before your neighbor does. If you are just starting, 16 pikes works too. (NOTE: With each level of metal casting, you should be able to reduce these numbers by 1. ie. if you have metal casting 5 you can send 11 of any troop instead of 16)

Boyar/Savage or Boyar/Hunter. Same strategy as the swamp version, just more troops. Send 5 times the archers that there are boyars. Example: Hill has 30 Boyars and 30 Hunters, you send 150 archers and 1 pikeman and 1 worker. (these will take the first initial hits since the enemy troops will target them first.)

Crossbowman Hills. Stay away from these!.. If you must attack them, send archers, at least 10 times the crossbowmen along with 1 pike, 1 worker and 1 paladin.