Welcome to the Lord of Ages Wiki! The Lord of Ages Wiki is a collaborative website about Lord of Ages that anyone can edit.

What is Lord of Ages?

Lord of Ages is a persistent browser-based MMO set in the Middle Ages. This means that the game keeps running, even when you are not playing it (i.e. it runs in real-time).

To-Do List (Attention Editors!)

1: Create individual pages for each type of wilderness. Look at the page on swamps as a guideline.

2: Create individual pages for each type of building.

3: Create individual pages for each type of equipment. The page should include where the equipment can be found, as well as its stats.

4: Create individual pages for each item. The page should include the cost of each item, what it does, where it can be found, and if keys are needed to open it (applies only to chests).

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