By completing quests, you can earn lots of rewards, including resources, coin, items, and troops. There are currently three types of quests: Routine Quests, Daily Quests, and Alliance Quests.

Routine QuestsEdit

Routine Quests are by far the most rewarding quests. They are the only quests that give items as a result. Consequently, it is highly recommend for new players to start with the routine quests.

Daily QuestsEdit

Daily Quests are quests that refresh every day. This means that most of the quests can be completed once per day, though a few can be completed more than once a day.

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Name Requirement Reward
Levy Resources(10) Wait 10 minutes.

3000 Food

3000 Lumber

3000 Iron

3000 Stone

Levy Soldiers(10) Wait 10 minutes. 20 Pikemen
Levy Coin(5) Wait 10 minutes. 50 Coin

Levy Food and Archers(12-14)

  • Alliance Required*
Wait 10 minutes.

5000 Food

10 Archers

Alliance QuestsEdit

Alliance Quests are a lot like Daily Quests. However, you need to be in an alliance in order to complete them. Completing the quests can get you resources, coins, troops, prestige, and alliance points. The quests include a free daily quest, Levee food and archers(which only requires you wait 10 minutes, and can be done as many times as wanted in one day) and donating gems.